Virtual Bookkeeper


If you own a business, or even just manage one, you probably know how important keeping on top of the finances is.  Staying on top of your sales, bills, payroll and expenses is crucial to being able to make decisions about purchases, inventory, hiring and even what you are able to pay yourself!  Every week, you drag yourself to your computer and sit down next to a stack of invoices, receipts and payroll reports and hope that you’ll be able to figure out how to enter it all into the system without crashing your computer 8 times!  You trudge on knowing just how important getting the books done is to being able to run your business, but man does it suck!  Plus, the numbers almost never match up!  

Once tax time rolls around, you are stuck heading to the CPA, who speaks a completely different language (amortization, depreciation, subsidiary ledgers, OH MY!) and suffering through a lecture about how if you were able to be a bit more organized, your books might actually balance! You grumble to yourself about how you’ll never again get stuck in that position and will get someone to come and handle it for you, but the hassle of having someone come in and take up your computer for a few hours a week or lugging all of your papers to your CPA for them to handle it just becomes a bit too much to think about, and you end up in the same place next year.


But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Just like that old Nokia brick phone, desktop based accounting software has become a bit of a clunky dinosaur.  Newer, cloud-based options allow for a much more accessible and holistic approach to bookkeeping, without the headache of creating local networks or losing your computer so the books can get done.

Much like a virtual assistant can answer your e-mails, handle your social media or field your customer service requests, a virtual bookkeeper can make that stack of invoices magically disappear and replace it with a set of beautiful monthly financial statements!


How do you manage that one?

As a virtual bookkeeper, I work with you to set up a few different programs that allow your documents to land into your cloud, with almost no effort on your part.  Once your documents get pulled over, I can start sorting and “filing” them in your accounting software, with a backup in your private online filing cabinet.  Honestly, its a bit like magic.  Some documents we can pull automatically into your filing cabinet, with others, we can create a rule for them to get sent in.  The few receipts and invoices that remain can be dropped into your virtual filing cabinet by snapping a quick photo with your phone, no scanning or attaching involved!

Having a Virtual Bookkeeper on your side allows you to have a personal financial ninja on your side and cheering your business on!  While having a CPA or accountant is a necessity come tax time, taxes are their focus.  A bookkeeper’s main focus is to ensure that your day to day transactions are correct and working in your favor.  A virtual bookkeeper becomes your business’s personal financial wiz, at a much lower rate than hiring an in-house accountant.  As a bookkeeper, nothing makes me happier than to take a stack of papers and organize them into a clear financial picture of your business.  We turn bills, receipts and a bank statement into a Balance Sheet, Income statement and Statement of Cash Flows and provide you with summaries in plain english that you can actually use to make truly informed decisions about your business.  So, not only do you gain loads of time back for focusing on the things that only you can do for your business, you have access to more quality and useful information about your business’s financial health (minus all the CPA lingo).

As a bookkeeper, my goal is to not only ensure that you are getting the most value out of your business with your expenses (yay deductions!), but to help you reach your business goals.  Want to set up a budget for a specific goal or purchase?  Awesome! I would love to help you do that.  We can even create a custom report to see how your monthly expenditures are lining up with your budget and readjust your plan or strategy!  Do you want to invoice your customers and allow them to pay online (which means you can get paid faster)?  We can help you with that and even brand them to match your business.  We are even happy to help make tax time go smoother by working with your CPA or Accountant to get them the information and clarifications they need to get your tax liabilities as low as possible.


Want to learn more about how we can help you get time back in your day and money back in your business? Check out our services page or contact us for more information.








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