Meet Your Bookkeeping Ninja

Hi! I’m Dana, the bookkeeping mastermind over here at My Balanced Bookkeeper. I love helping business owners get the most out of their businesses by keeping their books in tip-top shape. I help business owners like you have more time to do the things they want to do without the struggle of trying to get the books done. All this free time allows you to focus on growing your business! Not only am I an organizational and bookkeeping wiz, I love finding ways to help you save money!

When i’m not balancing the books or creating a killer cash flow analysis, I can be found fishing with my kids or chilling on the beach reading a book. If i’m lucky, I might even get to build a sandcastle that doesn’t get stomped on, Godzilla style. In the spring, I work with the local VITA chapter as a Volunteer Tax Preparer.

I know – like most accounting professionals, I sound like a bucket of fun! But, if you are dying to know more, here’s 3 fun facts about little old me…

– I can play the piano upside-down (right-side up too sometimes)

– I can walk on water, but only when seaweed touches my feet

– I am a serious coffee drinker!

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